Today, I want to share a photography experience from a couple of years ago with a great team. In particular, the stylist on that shoot happened to be someone with whom I work incredibly well, and I think it’s important to find and cultivate those types of relationships.

In 2017, I was organizing a test shoot with my friend Kara. I met Kara when I was working at a modeling agency. Kara was a model with the agency at the time, so I was very flattered when she asked me to do a test shoot with her.

Once we agreed on shooting, I knew I had to bring in a stylist friend of mine named Lisa (and Kelly Schroeder for hair and makeup). Lisa is very wardrobe-minded and she has this great ability to create a fashion look, and then find models who will elevate that particular look. For our shoot, she had some amazing striped pants that fit Kara perfectly. It also helps that Kara is 6’1” and has legs for days!

We shot in a small studio with a solid gray backdrop. The small space made lighting a challenge, since light was bouncing off of the white walls. To hide this harsh lighting, I creatively framed each shot. 

Despite that initial challenge, we definitely made it work and got some great images. One of my favorite parts of shooting was watching Kara bring the clothing and images to life with her natural abilities. I didn’t even give much direction at first because Kara was so naturally good. She reminded me of a female version of Lenny Kravitz!

Once we got into a shooting rhythm, I instructed Kara when she needed to straighten up more, create a more masculine pose, etc. The process worked really well, as I gave her direction of what I wanted to capture and let her bring those ideas to life.

My favorite image from the shoot is this wide-legged sitting shot, below. I love the angle of Kara’s face, and I think her hair looks beautiful. In post-production, I decided to make the entire image more blue, while keeping true to Kara’s skin tone. I chose blue because the photo was already skewing blue as we were shooting, and I wanted to go off of what the camera captured.

Overall, it was such a pleasure working with this team! Whenever I work with Lisa, we always mesh very well together, and this time was no different.