Recently I had the opportunity to collaborate with a great team to produce compelling images for Geo Central, a company that specializes in high-quality crystals, stones, and more. As I mentioned in my last blog post, it’s very important for me to bring a genuine nature to my photography. Although this trait may seem to be more applicable when shooting human subjects, you may be surprised by how it relates to product photography too!

When it comes to shooting a product, I typically apply methods similar to the ones that I use when photographing people. In this case, the subject obviously wasn’t moving, so there was more time to “create” an image rather than trying to capture the perfect moment. No matter who or what my subject is, I love when someone can feel as if they’re in one of my photos versus simply looking at it. So, that’s the effect that we aimed for in this shoot.

For the crystals that were to be featured for this project, Geo Central wanted a fashion-editorial vibe, with each shot on white background with long shadows. I’ve previously used this kind of setting with models, so I found that lighting and framing each shot within these guidelines was pretty intuitive. However, an interesting aspect of shooting the crystals was that they kept changing how the light looked. In this case, we had to move the products around multiple times in the same area to preserve the integrity of each shot and get the best results.

One thing that I really loved about this project – as with previous shoots – was the opportunity to work with a truly stellar team. As I framed and captured each shot, our stylist Chelsea Cutrell was creating the mood through props and product placement; and our creative director Tommy Sheehan was providing insights and ideas for the next shots. Ultimately, we all got into a great creative synergy that allowed a wealth of ideas and inspiration to flow freely. This was especially crucial for shooting products, since we didn’t have a model that could bring the image to life – it all relied on the lighting and styling. As we worked, the team consistently checked certain factors: Could we see the shape? Were the shots true to each crystal’s color? Were the angles optimal? Were the shots true to the brand? By collaborating with each other on each of these aspects, we were able to capture the best images for the shoot.

Overall, it was such a pleasure to work with Geo Central and my project team! Although photographing people remains my greatest passion, I continue to love the art (and challenge) of bringing a genuine nature to product photos.