I’m excited to announce that some of my work is featured in Polly Magazine issue 04! It felt wonderful to be featured a total of three times, including some previous work that I did of Anne Wainscott. In addition to a great experience with Anne, I also had the pleasure of working with two new artists for this issue in particular.

In this case, the two artists covered two different mediums: painting and photography.

My first subject, Priya Rama has a very unique approaching to her craft. Priya suffers from migraines, but uses these experiences in a positive way by creating paintings based on the vivid colors that she sees during each migraine attack. After speaking to Priya, I decided to project what she sees and feels during her migraines onto her image in our portraits. Using a digital projector, I was able to layer one of her own paintings onto her face. This created a mesmerizing final result that felt very representative of Priya’s artistry and experience.

Hair and Makeup by Michael Sparto and Hannah Dorton


My second subject was Collin Rowland, a talented photographer and artist. Collin particularly enjoys very artistic photography, and favors creating shadows and evoking light from the resulting darkness. We both had our own ideas to bring to the shoot, but I found that we were able to capture the shots that I had in mind while also staying true to Collin as an artist. We shot in Collin’s workspace, where he seemed very at-home. Since light is a very spiritual aspect for Collin in photography, we decided to be a bit unconventional: Collin held a lit sparkler during some of his shots. Although my personal favorite shot was chosen for Polly showing Collin in his work space, the image that best describes him is one where his face is covered by the sparkler’s bright flames. Almost like, as Collin describes it, “the light coming out from within”.

Location: Glow Gallery Studio in Covington KY

Overall, I love being able to bring someone else’s vision to life through my work. The true excitement of my work comes from the love and respect of combining my subjects’ passions with my own complementary ideas. Bringing their ideas to life, as well as my own, is always rewarding.