As a fashion and commercial photographer, it’s not every day that you get to photograph an emerging musician. It’s even rarer to photograph thelead singer of your favorite band from back in the day! And yet, this is exactly what happened when a stylist friend of mine – who I’ve worked with for the past 3 years – asked me to photograph her husband for his upcoming solo album release.

Once I connected with her husband to talk about the shoot, I got a crazy surprise: it was Mark Calderon of Color Me Badd! For the younger readers out there may not be familiar with the band, just know that Color Me Badd was super popular in the 90s! So, I was even more excited than before to shoot with Mark.

Going into the shoot, we discussed what kind of images Mark liked and what final product he wanted to aim for. For this shoot in particular, I brought in a photo assistant and makeup artist (for simple touchups), as I wanted to be fully prepared to get some great shots for Mark’s new solo debut.

During the shoot itself, we originally stuck to the images Mark particularly wanted for his CD cover to make sure those were captured to his liking. Although I knew Mark really just needed that one shot (perfected, of course) I wanted to give him something that he would really like – without realizing he even needed it! In the end, we got a lot of unexpected shots that ended up being really fun and fresh. 

The entire atmosphere of the photoshoot was so fun and enjoyable! Mark is incredibly nice, fun, genuine, and down-to-earth, but he still has what I would call “celebrity swagger” – in the best possible way! We also got to hear his new song during the shoot, which was a blast. He has an amazing voice, and the song was upbeat which made it perfect for having him dance and move around to it during the shoot. We definitely got a lot of fun personality in those shots, which is great for extra options.

Overall, this shoot was such a wonderful opportunity to work with a very talented musician, and take a trip down memory lane. I also found that I missed his song after the shoot wrapped up, even more so because I knew it wouldn’t be released for another month! However, it was awesome to get to preview it during our shoot. This is truly the kind of stuff I live for: getting to play with creative freedom during a shoot. 

With the release of Mark’s new single, I definitely think the 90s are coming back! I can’t wait for the next collaboration like this, and highly recommend checking out Mark’s new song LISTEN HERE