Happy New Year everyone! As a result of hosting the first in a series of headshot events this month, I was inspired to demystify the process of getting a business headshot.

When you’re not used to being in front of the camera, it can seem intimidating at first to have all the focus on you. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Especially when you get to work with a dedicated team that’s committed to making you look your best. In fact, last week’s headshot event centered around having a team of three to give attendees a quick, easy, and painless way to capture their best business look. Working with Chelsea Cutrell (stylist) and Stefani Carol(hair and makeup), it was super easy to create a streamlined process that allows our clients to feel good about the images that we capture.

The first step in our process is getting to know each client, in order to understand what they need and how they would use the photos. The second step involves evaluating the client’s wardrobe options (that they bring on-set) and doing makeup touch-ups where necessary. For example, our client Ashley brought a few wardrobe pieces that were flattering and Chelsea helped style them with some beautiful jewelry provided by Laine & Kate, a boutique in OTR. Ashley also came “everyday-ready”, which meant she was wearing makeup and hairstyling that she would wear on a normal day of work. From there, Stefani simply put some finishing touches on the makeup to make it “pop” more on-camera. The goal here is to make sure everyone feels like themselves – but elevated. As I took photos of Ashley, Chelsea monitored the garments for pulling and creasing, to ensure that Ashley’s entire look was flattering throughout the shoot.

The other great thing about having a team of three for this type of headshot is that you have two extra sets of eyes to make sure you look your best, and to give a variety of opinions for the final photo selection.  Furthermore, this particular event was held on a Friday – so our clients truly had the option of a “day to night” look.

The great thing about these sessions is that they don’t just exist during our special events; they can be private too. If you just need a business headshot for yourself, you can book a specialized session in-studio; and if you have at least five people that need photos, our team of three can come to your workplace.

When you decide to invest your business by booking a headshot session, here are my top tips for getting your best look:

  • Define the waistline: for women, make sure your garments have the right waistline for your body type; for men, be sure to tuck in your shirt.
  • Bring layers (such as a blazer) and dark colors, solids, and/or patterns that can be paired with solids.
  • Bring more options rather than less.
  • Choose colors that flatter your skin tone.
  • Do your makeup the way that you would for a day at work.

Above all: Remember to relax! Go into the shoot telling yourself that you’ll love it, instead of being worried or thinking you’ll hate it. With the right team and the right attitude, you’ll get amazing shots for your business.