As I touched upon in my previous post, the importance of branding-specific photography has become crucial,. However, this importance can often be underestimated. So, I’d like to expand on the subject as well as announce some exciting news!

The fact is, there’s a big difference in the value and quality of an image when it’s professional versus taken by a friend or colleague. When potential customers or followers see crisp, clear, on-brand images on a website, they instinctively take a brand more seriously. Another huge benefit of using a professional photographer for these types of images is that the photographer will have access to a studio, and tools to help manipulate the studio’s lighting so that you, your products, and/or your service look their best! By having more control over color and clarity of products, your photographer can be sure that your brand image is cohesive across all of your marketing materials. A photographer also brings the professional and creative mindset necessary to inject more creativity and innovation into the images.

Staying on-brand with style and lighting is an essential part of creating that ideal brand image, and a professional photographer will be able to make sure this happens. For example: If you have a business that needs to evoke a more “moody” or “edgy” look, a good photographer will know to shoot with deeper shadows and harder angles. In contrast, a brand that seeks to be inspirational and lighthearted will need brighter lighting and more spacing to evoke the right feeling.

With all of this in mind, I’m ecstatic to announce a new package that I’ll be offering soon: personal branding sessions.

These sessions can be up to 4 hours long, and come with a pre-meeting before the shoot; access to a full photo gallery after the shoot; editing and resizing of chosen photos; and a set stylist during the session to make sure that you (and your products) look your best!

The pre-meeting takes place in-person or over the phone, where we begin with a warm welcome and my top tips for a stellar session. During the call, we discuss what you should bring; if props or products are needs; the number of locations that we will shoot; the overall feel and goal of their brand website; and similar work that inspires you. The number of edited photos that you get from the session are tailored to need, and will also be discussed during this meeting.

In the long run, this package will ensure that your brand images – whether for website, social media, or marketing materials – will be the best!