Even though I am a photographer by trade, I also like to share more personal aspects of my life every now and then to give more insight into my personality.

Recently, I came across two books that really made an impact on me, one audiobook and one hard-copy: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Shoe Dogby Phil Knight.

*** I suggest Shoe Dog in the audible version and Think and Grow Rich in the paper version. Making notes in the paper version was part of the enjoyment of Think and Grow Rich. Shoe Dog is a great car listen***

I liked this combination of books because the first provided self-help tips, while the second provided a practical, real-life story of how some of these tips were implemented by someone else. 

I was intrigued by Napoleon Hill’s book, as he explored life lessons in ways that I’ve never experienced before. In fact, this book really made me stop and think about my big dreams for the future; as well as how much I’ve accomplished in the past 3 years!

On the other hand, Shoe Dogresonated with me in its exploration of going after what you want relentlessly, telling yourself it’s going to happen, finding a way to make it happen, and thinking outside the box.

Overall, these books reinforced the reality behind the success of the big companies we often hear about. People really do go through many trials and lessons to reach their tipping point, and we don’t usually see them. As entrepreneurs – especially solo entrepreneurs, sometimes it can feel like it’s just happening to you. So, this takeaway was a great reminder that none of us are alone on our journeys.

***Thank you to Christine with Cocoon Reads for your kindness and shared wisdom. These two book recommendations from you are life changing for me. I am so excited to pass on the advice to read positive information and create positive thoughts for a more positive life.***