As I expand and further develop the Tracy Doyle Photography brand, I’ve begun to reflect on which values are integral to my personal brand as well.

One value in particular has come to light in the form of my “one word”. I came across the “one word” philosophy after reading Evan Carmichael’s book, Your One Word. The general idea is: if you spend time thinking about what you like (or dislike) in your personal and professional life, it’ll likely boil down to one word or phrase that really resonates with you.

Once I started this process, I realized that I did have one word that kept coming back to me: genuine.

For me, “genuine” means that you make time to do something that really carries meaning for you. For instance, my photography style is a result of the fact that I truly strive to use my passion to lead my work.

Whenever I work with a client, I simply can’t do work that’s just “good enough”. It’s crucial for me to have integrity in my work, going above and beyond whenever possible. I also love to make people feel comfortable, as if they’ve known me forever! By doing all of this, I stay genuine to both myself and my work.

Another way that I bring this word into my work is how I frame my subjects with light. The right lighting can create a sense of honesty even if it’s artificial – it just depends on what the subject needs. For example: it doesn’t matter what type of personality a person has while we shoot, because the right lighting will complement their personality!

Overall, I’ve found that I am at my happiest when I infuse the “genuine” principle into every aspect of my life. I especially love working with clients who embody this principle. Whether they pour their heart and soul into their business, connect with a certain work-piece in my portfolio, or whether we simply share an authentic connection, my most enjoyable work is the kind that is reflects my one word: genuine.

These particular photos, for me, these are genuine “Tracy” photos. From the lens I chose to use, to the lighting created and of course the direction given to the models while on set. We created mysterious photos that have a bit of drama and a lot of feelings. These portraits were created for Escape Room Cincinnati to use in their advertising for the new Seven Forces game at the Cincinnati Masonic Center.