What an honor to have been chosen to photograph the senior capstone project at Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) program  at the University of Cincinnati. There is so much talent within the walls of the DAAP school. It is inspiring to see the students create such creative and professional garments in their fashion design and fashion product strategy classes. Each collection comes from the students own imagination and is built on their personal experiences, memories and beliefs. Fashion is art and it’s proven the their work. I am so excited to see where each one of them go after graduation. Congrats 2017 DAAP fashion students!

View Gallery Here: DAAP 2017 Senior Capstone Development

1. Midterm Critique is an amazing opportunity for students to get real feedback from working professional in the business of fashion. Mood boards have been created and research has been done. The students’ ideas begin to take life and sketches are drawn to see the vision of a garment on a body. It was my intention to photograph the students in their most natural places. I wanted to be “fly on the wall”. I chose to shoot all the class room photos with only available light. This was to keep the photos consistent over the months of shooting and to not distract what was taking place at the time. A camera flash would have been distracting and possible frustrating to the students and teachers. My goal was for everyone to forget I was there.

2. Finals are the last presentation with real feedback about each students work. It s a chance for their ideas to challenged admired and viewed by professional eyes. Many judges for finals work in the fashion and art industry. Some are past graduates for the DAAP program as well.

3. The Editorial photo shoot was done by an amazing team including myself. This was curated looks using the students and Macy’s fashion pieces. This is collaboration at it’s finest! Our team consisted of, DAAP teachers, professional stylists for wardrobe, hair, make up and set design. Models were hand chosen by the DAAP teachers and myself. I was challenged here to create beautiful photos to represent the entire photo team as well as the students and Macy’s. It took preplanning of the set that would work for many different looks, from evening gowns to creative costume like garments. The lighting was very important to keep a feeling of introspect and process. The full list of team members is below.

4. The grande finale! The DAAP fashion show is the biggest show of its kind in the Cincinnati area. It is an impressive site!! I found very quickly that the ladder at the end of the runway was the perfect spot to capture each look. Photos can be shot there over the crowd without any issues. At one point though, my creative heart lead me off the ladder to the side of the runway. Wow! what a great angle I found! i was able there to capture the model and lighting effects that fell off onto the dark wall behind them. You can see the crowds faces looking at the models also. Although this was a great place I was missing the stage from there. The stage set the mood for each design’s collection, it was very important. I realized then, it wasn’t about being creative, it was about capturing the best photo of what the students had already created. i am humbled my my experience.

The Editorial Photo Team: Creative Direction/Production: Chelsea Cutrell cc@chelseacutrell.com, cutrelcb@ucmail.uc.edu, Kaley Madden jiblets09@gmail.com, maddenkc@ucmail.uc.edu, Ashley Kubley: kubleyay@ucmail.uc.edu Styling/production assistants: Lauren Wilson: wilson.laurenjade@gmail.com, Marcus McDowellensemble: musicnerdm.m@gmail.com Curator:Ericka Leighton: ericka@continuumotr.com On-figure stylists: Kara Wade: kara.wade@ymail.com, DAAP faculty (Chelsea, Kaley, Ashley) Aveda hair/makeup team: Niki Stover: nikistover@gmail.com, Aspen Bryant: aspenbryantaspen@gmail.com, Madeline Jezek: mjezek@avedafi.edu Photographer: Tracy Doyle: tracy@tracydoyle.photo Photo Assistant: Alexa Flannigan: aflan055@icloud.com
Models (New View Management agency): Contact Chester Ricks: chester@nvmodels.com (Zander B., Ivonna F., Sadie M., Erin C., Grace C. Art on set: Catherine Richards DAAP Student Designers: Daniel Townsley, Jared Cole, Paige Thinnes, Terese Ostendorf, Zoe Robins, Jordan LaGuardia, Riley Goulette, Betsy Arnold, Elise Rohr, Ana Sabu and Aubrey Krekeler.