Whenever I work with businesses, I feel that the word “commercial” doesn’t do justice to the photography involved. When a company needs more than just professional headshots for its marketing and advertising needs, it becomes a new category entirely for me: Brand Photography.

Brand photography can come into play in a variety of ways, but it’s often based on a desire for all brand images to be cohesive. This could include anything from leadership portraits to action shots of employees working, scenic photos of the office space, examples of services – and more.

I love shooting this type of photography because it’s enjoyable to capture photos that tell a cohesive brand story. Furthermore, each session of branding photos is always a little different. No matter what, the ultimate goal is to keep things compelling and dynamic. Plus, it’s always more rewarding to work with someone for whom their business is apassion. When this passion is present, I truly feel that I can help them bring the work to life.

One example of this type of collaboration is my work with Tara Morris of Ellie Brands. Tara is a marketing genius who has helped numerous business owners get to the core of what they want, and she recently began Ellie Brands as her own venture into brand and marketing strategy.

Tara had a few clients who needed brand images, so I was very excited to work with her on this project. We shot for three different businesses in one session, starting with portraits of the people from each business. After that, we moved to different rooms within the same building to capture action shots, and environmental office photos. My main goals throughout the session were to stay on target with each brand, keep the lighting consistent throughout the 3 different locations, and make sure everything looked it was shot in natural light.

Overall, the photos came out great and both Tara and her clients were very pleased with the end results! I loved working on this project, and am excited to help more small businesses and startups in the near future.