In collaboration with Cincinnati creatives, this project was created for Tether Cincinnati, a new organization meant to connect and educate the image makers of Cincinnati Ohio, Our project is focused on a local women’s life and successful career as a fashion illustrator.


Anne Wainscott is 100 years old. She was discovered, as they say, 7 years ago.

By then she’d worked over 4 decades as a fashion illustrator, owned a farm, moved to D.C., lost her husband, found a best friend (at age 85), convinced said friend to buy an old mansion, and was still painting, gardening, reading The New Yorker.

Anne had the kind of career success that was hard to reach before the feminist movement in the 1960s, and even after that.

In a time when women were often stay-at-home wives and told what to wear and how to act, Anne was a sight and force to behold. In the 1930s, she and her late husband Jim bought a farm in Bullitsville, KY. Anne tied a red bandana across her chest and sported Levi’s denim before women were even wearing jeans. Her glamour couldn’t be contained by farm life.

Anne’s sense of style didn’t stop at her own wardrobe. She spent over 40 years creating fashion illustrations for Shillito’s, a department store in downtown Cincinnati.

As a woman of natural elegance and sociability, she shined at Shillito’s yearly galas. Even now, she can clearly remember a Venetian-themed party where the gondola got lost en route somehow, but luckily the accordion made it.

Like all great artists, she created for herself, too. One of her most well-known illustrations, Green Eyes, she drew for her own entertainment.

How could she know that 40 years later that illustration would be celebrated and translated into a 16-foot print by Landor, a branding and design agency with an office inside Shillito’s — the very building Anne spent so much of her professional career. In fact, a retrospective of her work and possessions, called Inspired by Anne, would decorate Landor’s office and later the Cincinnati Museum Center as an exhibit.

Now, at 100 years old, Anne spends most of her time with her best friend Michelle Holley, a professor with a dreamy sense of hospitality that seems to have grown from another, more beautiful era. Michelle cares for Anne as new challenges appear, but Michelle insists that Anne is still the most thoughtful best friend.

Michelle says, “The beauty of Annie is that she’s always interested in your life.” Whether in the spring of youth or far advanced in our journey, may we all find interest and happiness in others. (words by Katie Hicks


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Writer: Katie Hicks Kix85
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Hair and makeup assistant: Tiffany Martin Glam_byt
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